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Managing physician orders for outpatient visits has been a persistent challenge for hospital access departments. Hospitals are on the passive, receiving end of critical information for timely, safe patient care and revenue cycle improvement.

Hospital access departments are hampered by the labor-intensive process of collecting and managing paper-based physician authorizations in an often disconnected and fragmented environment. The end results are familiar: missing orders and unproductive time locating and correcting orders, all of which lead to dissatisfied physicians, unhappy patients, and disgruntled service departments. They often contribute to patient service delay and payment denials.

CareReady Orders Collaboration is a turn-key, hassle-free, web-based service that enables your physicians continue using fax machines to communicate critical information with you. Specifically designed for hospital access management, it incorporates best-in-class business processes and innovative technologies. CareReady Orders Collaboration provides a framework for streamlining how access information is created, collected, accessed and shared throughout the care delivery continuum.