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Founded in 2004, we are a high performing, customer-centric healthcare information technology and improvement company based in St. Louis and Columbia, Missouri.

Known for its reliability and performance, CareReady Orders Collaboration is a line of simple, secure, web-based outpatient Physician Orders Management solutions that are tightly integrated with EMRs and/or any back-end scheduling and registration systems. It enables hospitals, large or small, to get physician faxed orders under control: eliminates missing orders, streamlines access management, and improves physician satisfaction.

Since CareReady Orders Collaboration works in your familiar web browser, and requires no software and no hardware to install, it can be up and running quickly and painlessly, as little as 30 days. Working along the side of existing CPOE system, it communicates seamlessly with your scheduling, registration and EMR to deliver real-time data to your staff. Service departments downstream can search and access faxed orders from a web browser, anywhere, anytime.

Because it is designed on our physician-centric Zero-Changeā„¢ philosophy, your physicians continue to use their familiar fax machines to send orders. It is 100% transparent with 100% physician buy-in.

CareReady Orders Collaboration brings together people, best practice processes, and innovative technologies in the continuum of patient care delivery.

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